Dominic Iannitti

Dominic Iannitti, Founder & CEO of DocMagic

Dominic Iannitti, founder and CEO of Document Systems, is a leading expert and visionary in the world of mortgage technology. He is an accomplished entrepreneur with almost 30 years of experience in providing industry-leading document preparation solutions. Through his unique business ethos and absolute can-do attitude, Dominic was an early innovator in the industry’s transition to end-to-end automation of mortgage loan document preparation and management.

Dominic’s journey with DocMagic began during his senior year of college when he stumbled on the concept that would inspire him to build his company. The concept was data repackaging.  This was not only before the Internet, but also before the modem, before the laser printer. The year was 1987, and Dominic was a student working part-time in the mortgage industry. He saw an industry rife with inefficiencies, utterly weighed down by its reliance on paper and data-entry, and so was inspired to develop a business plan aimed at using data repackaging as way to optimize those processes.

True to his entrepreneurial spirit, Dominic drafted a business plan, approached investors, secured funding, and got DocMagic off the ground… all before graduation. He imagined a company that would cater uniquely to the mortgage industry. It would reformat client-supplied data according to specific business rules; rules that would determine what documents would be applicable in the closing package. And to add an unheard of and groundbreaking new capability, this would be offered as a same-day service.

Fast forward almost 30 years and Dominic is still a trailblazer in his field. What started out as a simple piece of software designed to let brokers easily produce and print error-free closing documents has grown  into an enterprise offering compliant loan document production, integrated eServices, mobile technology and regulatory compliance..

Iannitti’s strategic vision, financial expertise, and penchant for problem-solving make him a trusted leader, and his tireless quest for innovation is what keeps DocMagic an invaluable asset to the mortgage industry.


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