Take a look at the state-of-the-art Technology Center

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When DocMagic finally outgrew its original location in Carson, California, Dominic seized the opportunity to curate a space that would not only communicate the company’s core values, but would seamlessly weave them into every element of its design. Needless to say, for a unique look at the man behind DocMagic, one need only take a glimpse inside the 25,000 square foot headquarters, located in Torrance, CA.


Award Winning Design Center

The facility is both beautiful and functional, a multi-million dollar architectural & design award-winning space that delivers the strongest security protocols in the financial services industry*.

Upon completion, the facility was recognized by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) with their Honor Award for Interior Architecture. Dominic made sure that his company’s headquarters reflected his exacting standards. The space was designed to showcase the technical innovation for which DocMagic is renowned. The AIA’s jury concurred in saying, “This objective was achieved, in short, with the unique play of light and careful sculpting of passageways that connect the open work spaces,” and commended the facility for its “beautiful design [that] creates a powerful and fluid space where light dominates.”

Housed within DocMagic’s stunning headquarters is a state-of-the-art technology center, proving that the new facility is more just than a pretty face. Built on blade server architecture, the tech center delivers greater processing power and storage capacity. Its servers are expandable, allowing DocMagic to add capacity quickly and easily. This scalability means a practically limitless capacity for new customers, document orders and compliance audits. High performance servers, high-speed networking, optimized storage access, and server virtualization combine into an integrated infrastructure that brings new levels of speed to DocMagic’s core purpose – fully-compliant disclosures and loan document closing packages for its customers.

In addition to full compliance with continuous security monitoring and auditing procedures, among the toughest standards available in the industry, the facility is guarded by multiple firewalls, video cameras, movement sensors and biometric scanners.

Dominic succeeded in creating his company’s national headquarters to embody the unique ethos of the DocMagic brand, and every aspect of the space is a clear delivery of those values. Take a look for yourself.

*American Institute of Architects (AIA) Honor Award for Interior Architecture,
 International Design Award (IDA) Gold Winner